You know, I’m not the type of person to be talking bad about myfamily, but right now I don’t know any other way to express myself. So here it goes. My older sister is 18 going on 19 (in May) is a volunteer at our local animal shelter and she has been for a few years now. Now she is in a community college, she is an unbaptized publisher as JW, volunteers at the shelter, and fosters puppies and kittens whenever she can. She tries to manage all of these things and I know that she loves animals so she tries to spend time with them, but she keeps slacking off on all of her other priorities. Like help cleaning the house, forgetting to take care of her fosters, and starts missing the meetings for JWs. The rest of us (her family) that consists of her parents, me, and three other siblings are ignored through the process. The two younger siblings are hardly home for personal family reasons, and my dad doesn’t help out with the animals, but it’s mostly my mom, third sibling, and me who take care of the fosters; she doesn’t even appreciate that we take care of them and they arehard work. Currently there are 7 foster puppies, she owns a cat and a dog, as a family we have a turtle, and lastly I have a cat. It’s fustrating to know that whenever she comes home she just does nothing. She doesn’t clean, feed the animals, she doesn’t clean after herself and put her stuff in her room (instead she leaves her mess everywhere in the house), and lastly she leaves everything half done; like the laundry. I amgetting so tired of all of this. All she does is drop everything to go back to the shelter, wastes gas, and she doesn’t even have or want a job. I get that she lovs animals, but she has to also help out around the house. I don’t know what to do anymore. 

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