First Day At PE- Gays- Fighting

OK to be honest i was nervous like allot. I turned out fine and I actually was talking to someone her name is Roxana. Roxana was in my 4th period PE class but she got switched to 1st period PE and I got switched to 1st period basketball and now i got switched to 1st period PE. OMG we are going to swim and i can’t wait. People kept on asking me why i switch and i just said ”my mom took me out, long story and I’m not a fan of long stories. ” Pretty good huh but i try to avoid eye contact with the basketball players because it would just be awkward but like they say its not awkward unless you make it awkward. I just found out Kiala is bisexual OMG that blew my mind but I don’t judge so i didn’t mind unless she came at me then i will probably watch our space.O-O. I don’t know how to turn in my uniform to coach Hill tho i was planing on asking my friend to do it for me but she said that would just be awkward so i was like FINE I’ll do it myself . my friends and i went to Davids classroom but he wasn’t in there Mr. Reynoso was LOL he just stared at us and we just quitely walked backwards when we waled out we saw David then we went back inside the classroom. It got awkward so we left. There was a fight at school too and it was two girls and the only reason they were fighting was because they tagged eachother saying they wanna fight so they did. How stupid. They got suspended. Don’t use drugs kids. At 6th period they did a announcement saying if students threaten to fight that they will be fined 700 dollors how crazy is that!!! Makes sense tho.

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