Too Funny!


I had a good conversation with “Him” last night. He spent some time with his mother after church (which at this point I do not attend.) And he told me that church let out early due to the Pastor being ill and not being able to attend. But let us moved on 🙂 

So late last night I get a call form this amazing man (“Him”) and he tell me that I am (me) going to laugh my head off while he will be crying about what he’s about to share with me. So he precedes to tell me that his Mother begins to question him.

He told me she asked about us (he and I) and if we were serious, and he told her we are just friends (and that is the truth), he did tell her that he does like me 🙂 but he told his Mama that if we dated he’d  have 3 kids ( which she already knew/knows) and that he’d have to get a bigger vehicle ( he has a NICE 5 seater F-150). Apparently his Mama was like so what. Basically stating the more the merrier (ha ha ha). She even told him he’d be a good Daddy. If you had seen him with my 3 girls (who are strong-willed) you’d see how good of a Daddy he is. He LOVES my girls and they love him too. He told his Mama how the “Baby” comes up to him several times and says “hugs, hugs, hugs” and they even before he can say anything  is already saying “Love you too”. My 3 year old always has to have his hat and touch his necklace and has to give him kisses, sometimes its on his freshly shaven cheek, but most the time its these gentle little “pecks” she calls “true loves kisses”.

He kind of made the “mistake” (which I don’t think it is, LOL) of telling His Mama that he was going to get fixed and his Mama told him that would be the biggest mistake and to talk to me about that! LOL!!! I wish he was writing this I feel like I am missing so much of what he told me last night. I was laughing so hard I was crying!!! Part of what makes it so funny is over the weekend my dad was going through some of his clothes and gave me this ORANGE “biker’s” shirt and was like want to see if you [Bo—OOy] FRIEND wants this??? I freaked out on him stating that he was just MY FRIEND! So in a weeks time “our” parents already think we are together.

Well I have to go.  I have to search for a job and print out a few things.

I will be back soon. I think I may share some notes from my phone that I saved from a while back ago 🙂

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