COLLEGE banters…


Iam once again back with a new story…..
In this journal i want tell something about my personal life and school most probably….
When i think of shcool i only remmenber my teachers , because i have great respect to them . They are my ideals and i follow them very strictly. To epitimize something about them Wud definitely lack something more than what i can express… So i try to be very breif as brevity can only help u in that frnds ! Ah they are awesome. They have good knowledge in movies and they make me watch every bollywood movie. But know iam unble to watch other movies, i got stuck at bollywood. They are great fun to frnds and i make lot of banter in the college. We crack jokes and lot more.. Basically our batch is prankster group .we will definitely comment on everything that goes wrong in college. We are well known for that kind of things. The worst part in our group is we can’t keep secrets . Our secerts are open even though they are not meant to be? When i talk of studies it is the major and much more serious thing for me , not to all my frnds, some love the same joycund company and some concentrate on studies eccentrically. In my case i swing on both sides , i enjoy the pranks as well as concentrate on my studies. That’s something about my school college and personal life. After all a free man in the soicety feeling very i secured….

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