Style and fame !!!



Lots of interests and least time to experience everything! This journal is all about my fav and fab moments.. So i start with attire , this is most important factor which establishes you in totally different way out. Whatever may be your thoutghts attire hides them , its so spurious!! Attire includes everything from pants and t shirt to shoes and wedges? If i want to describe in detail about my fav kind of thing it would be something like this… I prefer pants and t shirts to anyother kind of dress because i feel pretty comfortable in them, also i look better and much probably they sute me well. We can put on whatever we like it comes out as a new fashion , actually fashion has no boundaries and today we are at stage where fashion is onlined , everyone can be as fashinable as they can. To my sense of knowledge i dress perfect! With all the sense of asthetic i have i try to reinvent style sometimes but it doesnot go off very well every time , but i can assure you stlying is a best and what to say the earnest way to spend ones time. For example i wolud like to discuss one of my best styling techniques , when you are for a party , you usually put on something which is really grand. But if don’t have one you could put on the most simplest dress you have and can make it look more elegant and flamboyant , PARTY perfect! It is upto ones aesthetic and cult to dress perfect. You can add some fancy jewels to your simple dress , just make it look simple , don’t add a buch of jewels and stuff yourself with them. You should be comfortable in whatever you put on. You can also add wedges or half shoes for your most simple dress. Trust me this is enough to make it loom elegant . I don’t buy a bunch of dresses but i am fashionable enough with what i have , as i a told you i reinvent fashion with the most cheapest things and the basic fundamentals of stlye . It’s enough to be that stlyish , fame comes our way .But the most important thing is your attitude which sometimes becomes prerogative at that moment , just keep it inside and act , if you don’t have rich attitude, we will definitely get used to it and someday we may not act but it becomes one of our indeginous talents. Stlye and fashion are so simple with the least concotuons ever possible but we make complicated in every which way possible. To me being so meticulous doesn’t matter , what matters is how you carry yourself in public ! Should be so consious about that particular issue!! Sining off today ! Iam sure i will be back with new and intersting topic ??

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