Too much vomit and…ahem

Dear god you would not believe the horrors the bathrooms in this house experienced this past week. Ok, so on Tuesday we decided to go to a buffet for dinner. HUGE MISTAKE!! Everyone stuffed their face of course who wouldn’t? It’s a buffet! But that’s not the bad part. The bad part happened a few hours after we got home.

VI starts complaining about his stomach feeling weird and making weird noises when II grabs his stomach and runs for the nearest bathroom. VI throws up on the floor, VIII, X and I doing the same. Everyone else (including me) ran for the bathroom. We didn’t know where it was coming, but it did. What happened next?

Well…for those of you who’ve seen the movie Bridesmaids just think back to the bathroom scene. Everyone else look up Bridesmaids bathroom scene (I don’t think you have to to understand what happened though)

It. Was. Horrible.

Signing off



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