Finding my own peace…

I have been away for a bit… but I’m back now… 🙂 Mostly those moments when I feel like writing are when I feel sad about something… but right now I don’t feel sad about anything…

The weather is improving a lot… I can really feel the spring has arrived… and I am happy to embrace the sun… As I have been catching these random colds on and off, I really need some sunshine, so I can go outdoors more and I believe it will boost my overall resistenace!

Today i feel very good though… I am very appreciative of what my life is and of all I have got around me… I realize how blessed I am… it makes me so happy to have these little things happening around me that make me think deep and realize how greatful I am about it all!

In past I have been thinking that I maybe need to not dwell on things too long and just let go more… and about some parts of my life its true… but I think sometimes I choose the wrong thing to just dismiss too quick,  which might hurt some  feelings… so I think that is also one thing I need to work on a bit… to choose the right things to let go…  what I noticed is that if I don’t get what I want when I want it I just stand my ground and get so stubborn and won’t admit I was wrong… It’s a bit difficult to explain not mentioning the specific situation but I know what I’m taking about here…. and therfore I am so blessed with having such understanding people around me! 🙂 So such moments do not escalate in a full blown fight! 🙂 I just think over all life gets much easier if we just let go more of unimportant things around us… for me it is also about the material stuff… I mostly make it a huge deal but almost every time afterwards I realize it doesn’t mean a thing… it’s not worth beeing in a bad mood for! 🙂

So I can’t wait to start running again… it looks like it’s gonna be nice weather all week so I start to get a bit excited… I have been doing my fair share of yoga these weeks and even outside in the garss…. it feels so great! 🙂

Today I am stopping and just listenning… I am stopping before I begin… I am taking it all in before life swoops me into it’s swirl again! I find my peace and calm before I get to go into my routine again! 🙂 And all I am doing is smiling! Because that is the most powerful emotion for me! 🙂


Have a happy day every body! 🙂


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