okay okay. as promised.

well, i was off the hook. the new girl was out (and i heard a rumour about her going into labour? WHY does that that sweet, smart man keep hiring pregnant people?! that’s 3 now and he loses them as soon as he gets them) but supposedly he’s got an old country doctor that’s on temporary assignment that the staff is raving about. (sigh) that i get to meet next month. lovely. (dripping with sarcasm) some old fart that was around when they were still calling things like RSD and Fibro SYNDROMES and were insisting that the sufferers of said said were basket cases instead of medical cases. just what i need. not even a specialist. just an MD on loan. i stopped going to MDs because they’re a bunch of fucking QUACKS. yessirree boob, i said QUACKS. if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and DUCKS reading a chart because it’s too much fucking effort? i call it a quack and while i might toss it a bread crust, i do NOT want it prescribing for me.

on the car service front? (another big sigh) well, the 2 ladies were top notch sweethearts. however their EQUIPMENT left something to be desired. how so, you ask? (i don’t have to hear you, babe, i can just imagine) well on the trip OUT, Iris’ GPS simply STOPPED working and i had to be pretty terse when i looked up and say signs for fucking Erlanger (which is damn near Florence Kentucky and MILES OUT OF OUR WAY!!!) i finally convinced her to pull over to the shoulder and got on the horn to call my doc’s office and tell them we had a malfunction and i was on my way while she used her own personal cell phone -at my insistence- sigh- she started in on the ‘oh geez, what are we going to DO?!’ bullshit and since when she’d answered a personal call earlier, i clearly SAW she had an  IPhone, i said ‘don’t those things connect to the internet? can’t we mapquest the damnable thing and get there?’ she beamed at me and did so. when we finally arrived (squeaking my last possible second arrival by 12 minutes and counting on my 15 minute grace period whew!) i swore to her that i’d call her dispatch office and make sure they knew it really had crapped out on her and that i’d SEEN it so it wouldn’t come out of her check (of COURSE i did. i’m a woman of my word. when i called to say i was ready to be picked up for my trip home with pharmacy stop, i spoke to the dispatcher about it AND when my return car arrived, i asked her to find her when everyone was clocking out to assure her i really had done what i said.)

in related news, the fuckers are double dipping my ride vouchers again and i am going to have to head that shit off at the pass the next time i call to arrange a car (which will probably be around the 1st or so) they aren’t supposed to count a pharmacy stop as anything except part of a round trip of which i get 15 a year. i haven’t dared go and get new specs (of course, i LIVE to make a spectacle of myself  *rim shot from the drum section*) since they broke THREE YEARS AGO because the ride service keeps letting them DO this to the point that every october or so like clockwork i have to stir up an investigation to even get to my last few doctor’s appointments for the year. dentist? what the fuck is a dentist? i look like a cliche from a black comedy about british peasantry these days.  to the point that every time i break another tooth gritting my teeth past the pain in the middle of the night nothing quite like waking up with shattered teeth on my pillow and if you think i’m joking? just ask me to smile next time you see me. nothing resembling meth mouth here, folks. i’m dying, not stupid. the enamel’s JUST fine, it’s my broken central nervous system leeching nutrients from my bones to try to repair itself that’s the problem. did i mention i break a few toes about once every other month just from brushing past a bookcase? i’m more brittle than your great grandmother’s bone china.) so THAT’s going to have to be dealt with because i want to have this fight while i have enough energy to actually argue back.




all in all, a fairly good day. the new bright green hair got LOTS of compliments as did my gothing out JUST to go to the doctor’s office (i think it cheers up the other drain circlers to see what wild hair i’ll come in with next) and i had several VERY pleasant conversations as well as collected a few careful hugs. oh and i got my broken toes confirmed and actually made the doc laugh when i told how i set it (by slamming the damn foot into the same book case i broke it on in the opposite direction! and now for my next trick, i’ll sit here and whimper) and they gave me the ends of a couple rolls of proper medical tape so i could rewrap it.

so. that’s all for now. if anything interesting happens i’ll say something, but for now? this percoset poster child is signing off to go take her medicine. cheery-bye!


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