There are things in my life that happen to me that seem unexplainable. Tonight it was like the movie Constantine. There are forces at play that are beyond what the average mind can see. Tonight was one of those nights. I had a choice. I took the bus sending me directly to elk lot instead of the bus going to avon station where I would grab some coffee and then walk the half mile to elk lot. (I really want to be away from people.. focus!) Which is where I grab another bus to take me up to the village. So I know the driver driving the bus to elk lot is a crazy driver but last night it was different. it was a journey of demons. I get on the bus and greet the driver as per usual. then the force of demonic presence hits me. Instead of being coward by it I rose against it. I sat in my seat and took the energy and exchanged it with angelic energy. I swear the driver was taking me to depths of hell and in the beginning it felt as if I was on the bus for eternity but when I looked at my watch only 3 minutes went by. Every stop was a sharp one, every turn was as if the bus was tilting over, then after each stop he would accelerate as quickly as possible. I felt it all while going into the void to remove to presence of the demons. I asked for assistance in doing so when I realized what was happening a minute or so into the ride. Devine assistance I received. In the form of an older man. He got on at the stop I used to go to before I became scared to go through nick’s neighborhood. (I used to go through reserve rd to get to my stop but then I started taking the earlier bus to avoid that which comes to my neighborhood but then the city cancelled that stop. freedom park stop is a longer walk but if it means not going down reserve then so be it) He was older with neatly combed white hair and moustache. Had on nice quality clothing and his tan leather jacket looked brand new but I knew without really knowing how I knew that the jacket wasn’t new but he took good care of it. Anyways it felt like this bright white light was emitting from him and as if any moment beautiful angelic wings would spread out coming from him. Words can’t seem to describe his presence and yet there was a force within him of pureness. It was just good and for him he didn’t have to think about it he just IS. We sat on the same side and flowed with the jerky bus. Soon after his arrival our work together I could feel the bus slowing down, the turns coming in less extremes, the accelerations after each stop slowing. It became a smoother ride and spent my ride in the void and astral talking to the bus driver. for further note the bus driver was listening to heavy metal that is called death metal it really aggravated the experience. There is one thing to be to do the spiritual work but this felt like an elevation of all that. I am no more a student learning from books I am now someone that is actively changing the energy and casting away these demons. Then to my shock the man pulled the cord for my stop! As he pulled it he looked straight at me. Then I knew. There are things that can not be logically explained. He got off and thanked the driver and I got off and did the same.  As he exited the bus and walked to the parking lot, where I am guessing he had a car parked there but he disappeared. Which was funny because he used a bus pass for the bus.. As I was waiting for the elk lot bus to take me up to the village I could smell his cologne lingering.

Then as I get on the bus going up to the beaver creek I got a message from my divine partner. It came in a form of a song playing on the radio as I get on the bus. Funny how the song starts to play the moment I get on.. I started to cry and then the song changed. Which I am grateful for. I could not bare to go through the whole song like last time. Last time after his and mines goodbyes it lasted the whole ride and I broke down in tears. Its not fair to send me those messages and yet remain distant from me in the presence. It does give me hope for reconciliation in the future. My tarot guidance yesterday informed me that there was something blocking our path together in order for me to slow my roll and learn many lessons. There wasn’t anything stating in the reading that there would be a joining together but I know its because I have to focus on my own inward being. It was kinda funny because he was in the guidance and then suddenly stopped being in it. lol. Which itself was guidance.

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  1. This is beautiful. I’m on a similar path myself. I’m still learning currently. It’s nice to see a story of someone taking that step forward out of student and into action.

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