damn crazy cat

i’m sitting here at the desk, smoking a cigarette watching Red Dwarf season 1 episode 4 and Zap got silly. (managed to get my lacquered claws on some of my herbal painkiller so i’m baked.) i’ve got 1 of my journals open on the desk and i’m writing, so i’m real distracted. the next thing i know i’m perched on the seat of my desk chair, holding myself up with my hands on the arms like they’re the handlebars of my forearm crutches. i’m wearing a sundress with knee length bell skirt (leopard print. i sewed it from a flat piece of material in 3 days. i need to get pics of it and the hair. ) so my legs are bare.

now REMEMBER my nerves are ALL fucked up. they missread everything as pain signals and my painlevels are generally in the 8-9-995 range (in truth, they need a next level scale at this point) this makes me so sensitive to anyone or anything touching me ESPECIALLY unexpectedly that a dropped pencil landing on my leg feels like being hit with a small tree branch!  with me? okay.

now get ready to laugh along with me.


Zap, my 25 pound knee high to my 5’10” (177cms) black and white carpet panther. (you know, i might have some cell phone pictures Branden sent me or Chris. no but i found 1 of me from about a year ago with blue hair) walked underneath me with her tail in the air and stuck her cold wet nose into the back of my left knee. great. levitation anyone?

(bows) Parah

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