How I Met Your Father – The Job Interview Date.

Kids, when it comes to love, the best relationships are the ones that just come naturally… this one, was not quite like it. 
To tell you this story, we need to back up a little. In year 2005, remember I told you I used to always be online chatting with people… well, there was this Harry Potter fan called Rodrigo who I considered a really good friend of mine, with time we drift apart and I never heard of him again… 13 years later, for no reason at all, I thought of him and tried to find him on Facebook with no success, so I remembered him being friends with this other guy -some asshole I used to also have on my MSN contact list- so I added him to ask about Rodrigo.  
Turned out to be, that Rodrigo was also friend’s with another guy I knew, so we thought of getting together sometime and hang out. It was a Saturday night, and we decided to have some drinks and then go to the Casino… It was me, Rodrigo, the other guy I knew, and the asshole.  
At this point you guys know me pretty well to guess I was REALLY into the asshole, right?… but he did not talk to me at all that night, so I was a bit bummed since I didn’t even call his attention…  
One week later, the asshole texts me on a Sunday out of nowhere… Imagine how happy I was after  his “Hello”… I started jumping around telling everyone he had texted me. Summing up; he texted me the whole following week until he invited himself to my place to have dinner. I cooked Chinese, since he told me he felt like having that kindda food… I cannot begin to explain how happy I was that he was coming home, that he had thought of me, that well.. I thought he might be into me!. 
The date began, and as it kept going, it kept getting worse. 
See kids, this guy’s job was in Human Resources, and honestly, he made me feel I was in an interview  for something, and not qualifying AT ALL.  It was a mess, everything I said felt wrong, even everything I was felt wrong!. He even told me I was an insecure, unstable and stubborn.  
He ended the date saying he had to go cause he needed to go feed his dog, which I thought it was a really lame excuse. 
After he left, I sent him a text sayin I had a good time…LIE… but I wanted to see what he replied… and his answer was: “haha goodnight”. So yeah, I believe it was the worst date I’ve ever been in…But, believe it  or not… we kept dating for 5 months more, and yes, he kept on being an asshole, but more on that later. 

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