time to kill the cat.

it was a tad warm last night so i left the balcony door open about 1/3 and the fucking cat then proceeded to spend most of the night either waking me up trying to open the door (which is about 1 1/2 meters from where i sleep and LOUD) and when she wasn’t doing THAT or knocking  things over she was perched on the desk chair (which she’s not allowed on for the record) and the moment i’d roll back into my nest spot (i’ll explain that in a while) some other clattering rattling would start up.  till she finally knocked over a figurine someone gave me with a crash that startled me vertical and slunk up to ‘hide’ in my chair about 20 minutes ago.  being the 5th time i’d been woken up (1 was my fault. when nature calls, you don’t take a message) i’d had enough and miss priss is now sitting in the corner and i stormed over to the desk to turn MASH back on having made it all the way to the end of season 9 only to find out that my 2 proudest recommends for candidacy to the building have just had their netflix off for lack of PAYMENT. (growl)

so i’m having a morning. since i got disc 1 of red dwarf out last night to show my philistine of a neighbor the 1st episode, maybe i’ll just watch the series again. i’ve got special editions 1-8 after all. it’ll keep me occupied for at least a week and a 1/2 with the smeg ups and commentaries and special features.-for NOW, but i’m also going to read them the riot act.

why? well because Branden for all his bitching and kvetching about his lowly clerk job at a grocery is STILL almost 2 years later just a clerk at a grocery. he’s also supposed to be paying his share. Chris is doing IT and programming and website building and somehow he’s the only one i ever see cleaning or cooking or doing dishes or taking out the trash and he’s older and has fibro. he also makes 4 times what Branden does yet somehow they manage big screen tv, 2 or is it 3? game consoles, laptop, ipads, the newest iphones the week they come out, yet they’re in dutch with the irs? and someone supposedly ha their bank account info and spends it out in california? yeah. california my ass. something’s rotten in denmark. (yes that was a shakespeare reference. or possibly bacon? i’ve always been a bit of a ham)




so no new documentaries, my asshole supposedly my friend of 10 long years is raising my rent next month after swearing as manager i get a discount (bullshit. the guy that never pays rent on time and never vacuums the corridors and stairs gets a better deal than i do and i pay rent on time and make sure the place stays here in 1 piece. you need inspectors in? well GEE Scott, i’d love to help, but see, that new rent hike bringing me over 40 bucks ahead of the deadbeat that doesn’t do the 1 thing he’s paid to DO here, is breaking me and i’m going to have to advertise to paint jackets again so i can pay for my tobacco so my spare time just rolled into your fat ass greedy wife’s shopping bag, honey. love ta help, but you can go fuck yourself.)

yeah gonna be quite a morning. you can go fuck off too.

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