allergies is such a lonely word

with apologies to Billy Joel LOL. yeah been up since 443am got up to go to the bathroom , located Zap (1st rule of owning a cat, look before you sit ESPECIALLY if it’s at all cold and you’ve been cuddled up warm somewhere. that chair or spot on the bed will be occupied within seconds of your rising.) and flopped on the futon, glancing over at the computer to see what episode TMNT2K3 season 6 was on (the whole series in mostly the right order is on my youtube channel Leoprarouen which is also the gmail addy if anyone’s interested. just bear in mind, the name of the game here is for me to get as much creative work done as possible. i’m already working in the mural at 6am because it’s quiet while people are catching their last few winks) and i sneezed and didn’t stop for the next 5 minutes finally stormed (quietly) to my desk and took allergy meds turned on the light and rolled a little painkiller.

i’ve found another old photo. i was only starting to use the forearm crutches on rainy days or icy ones and had canes for most of the time (2 of them) while i was growing my hair out for locks of love. Sensei took it in front of our building. that’s his balcony below mine behind me. yes, the hill we live on is REAL steep.

but i have painting to do. the swan princes on the mural need detailing



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