Great Day

Dear anyone,

Hello again! I’m back for a second night in a row! I didn’t receive any feedback from last nights entry, but that was suspected, I guess. It really just feels good to write out my thoughts and feelings, especially today, because I have had such a great day! So let’s just start from the  beginning…

Before I begin, I would just like to let you know that if you are reading this, I hope you will read my entries in chronological order, for I may refer to some topics in this journal that I brought up last night, just fyi. I feel doing so would be less confusing, maybe, but that’s of course on you! Alrighty then, I’ll start writing about my day now…

I woke up to a phone call from a co- volunteer/foster fur mommy. This was exciting because I knew when I saw her name on my phone that it meant she was at the animal shelter picking out a dog for me to foster. My very first foster. She proceeded to send me pictures and information on several dogs as she walked through the place, but in the end there weren’t any potentials. The news gets better later on in my day, however, so I will finish this portion in a bit.

Next thing was me driving! I don’t have a car, you see, my finance and I share his car sometimes, but there are hardly ever days that I drive it for very long, or very far for that matter, until today. Our work schedules made it impossible for him to drop me off and pick me up later as he usually does, so I had to take the car. Our jobs are on opposite sides of town, and I made it both ways without getting lost or wrecking! Yay! I get lost very easily, so excuse me for my excitement. I live in a big and busy city, as well, so extra yay!

Okay then, so last night I mentioned that I was nervous about today and that it would be a stressful day for me. Part of that stress was due to me driving all over town, the other part was because of work. I mentioned last night that I felt like I didn’t fit in at my new job, and tonight’s shift was the longest shift I have worked so far. Or so I thought before I was sent home early due to the store being so slow. It turned out, however, that I felt more included tonight than I have my first few days. I learned more tonight and worked with a co-worker that was very patient with me, which helps. I actually hated going home, I wanted to stay until I was supposed to. I really do love my job, I just need to learn a few more little things and get a routine down.

Last thing, and this is my favorite…I check my phone after work to see a text message from yet another co-volunteer/foster fur mom, and guess what it says?? It includes the cutest pictures of about seven, eight week old German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix puppies and asks if I could take in two of them. TWO! I am now getting TWO cute, tiny puppies to foster…SO EXCITED!! I get them Friday and my house will be a full one since I already own three, large breed dogs. Yes, I am a crazy dog person and proud of it! The crazier thing? I talked it over with my amazing finance, and he agrees that if we fall in love with one of these darlings, that we can adopt him/her….The sweetest words ever for me to hear. Did I mention that he’s amazing?? We have talked about one day adopting another dog, but wasn’t sure when. What better time than the present? I shall keep you updated on the pups after they arrive and maybe post some pictures, too, if you’d like?

Whew. I didn’t mean to write so much tonight. My day was shorter in my head before I put it down in words…Thank you for reading, I really do think I will make this a regular thing. I am off the next couple of days and don’t plan on doing too much, so I may not report back to you until Friday. We’ll see though. Goodnight!

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