Just taking a mintue here

I am sorry that you are hurting. I am sorry that you feel all hope is lost, but Girls, Listen to me, PLEASE. You are VALUEABLE. You have WORTH. Your past does NOT define you. MEN do NOT define you. God is who defines you. He created you, he gave you a gentle spirit, he created you to love and be loved. Abuse is NOT love, Control is NOT love. You are Beautiful. Do NOT be bullied by those you taunt you because there is something different about you. So what if you Stutter, so did Moses. You have done things you are ashamed of, so did the women who cleaned Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair. You ware glasses no big deal. Its Really no BIG Deal. I have been where you are my friend unexpected and (so I thought) alone. My legs were to hairy, I wasn’t allowed to date. I wore glasses, I was in a “special” class. I grew up (a little) had sex out of wedlock, married twice, and about to be divorced twice. I have lied, cheated and made a sinful fool of myself.

I have been there. But I came out stronger on the other side of it all. I fell in love with Jesus. Because no matter how ugly they thought I was or stupid or whatever it was they thought, I found that He excepted me faults and all as I AM, as I WAS!  I gave my all to the King of kings and Lord of Lords, I repented and turned from my ways to follow His. I found peace with in myself. Acceptance of myself and came to realize that what anybody else thought really didn’t matter. As I stand with confidence, I know I am beautiful, I am strong and I know that I don’t need people to accept me. Because Darling, People are heartless (not all but most) and they are going to constantly be negative and derogatory towards you and know this, You aren’t the only one that they are bullying and they do it because they are hurting themselves and are in constant torment. Pray for them.



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