finally working on the mural. this is a ‘really old’ photo when i was still growing out the hair for locks of love. the mural is massive 4 foot across oval 3 feet tall and all fairy tale scenes (only 1 true modern fairy tale. WWW and the flying monkies. really? is it monkeys. okay now THAT looks wrong. dyslexics of the world untie.  but the spots of colour there on my hair are beads (skulls that’s the white ones) and the thing dangling at my ear are all part of the hair wrap i had at the time. macrame and beaded. i do these periodically and add to them till they get too heavy and the base starts to dread then i cut them out and wear it as a bracelet for a while till i decide i want the beads and gems for another wrap. i’ve used the same handful of beads for about 10 years and it’s ALWAYS crimson, purple, black and dark blue embroidery thread for the woven parts.

but the mural. the parts you can see have been altered. the princess with the golden ball and the frog prince are right next to where i’m pointing. he’ll be wearing a full on jester’s harlequin with a black domino mask in honour of Raphael from season 7 of TMNT2K3 the episode called Superquest. and the river has been painted in cerulean and the swan princes (you know the story. stinging nettle shirts and imposed silence?) have been picked out quite a bit with feather detailing on the 1 landing who of COURSE has a swan’s wing still and i got the shirts done and their sister’s nettle dress. i’m perilously close to out of yellow so i may have to stop soon. last tie i had to put it on hold as i was out of blue. but i spent from 443am yesterday till 9pm working on it and getting a bunch of writing and art done. today’s going to be much of the same with the addition of trying to beat every version of Patience (or Solitaire if you prefer the USA translation) i know (no. nonono. with actual CARDS. pasteboard laminated, cute pictures and they make good hand stretches and excercisers to shuffle them) then i can get out my tarot cards and do a battery of readings. i’m going to try to get a photograph of the dress and the green hair this evening since my little bro by mutual adoption is coming over at 530 or 6 tonight for bison steak, potatoes, gravy, green beans (wish i had some limas, but i forgot) and a basket of mini rounds of garlic/olive oil bread toasted or fried, haven’t decided. we’ll see how much i get done today since i want to make cookies or brownies or something today too AND it’s trash night. but since Jus will be over here, i can get him to take the pic for the blog. he’s got a cell phone so i won’t have to convert it from a bitmap image.


so. that’s the plan. let’s see how well i execute it.



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