3 am..

I know. I know. This will be my third post for tonight. I can’t help it. I have nothing else to do. Its only 3am and all my work is done. I have 4 hours left of doing nothing. I would go walk around, sleep, or try meditating but my coworker hates when I leave the front desk. Hell. She even made a fuss about me writing back here in the office. Where I am 20ft away from her.. Seriously. We have SEVEN guest in house. SEVEN. I’ve been trying to get her to talk but she is just sitting in her corner crying. I feel terrible but whatever she’s dealing with is not my issue. I really wish I could help but doing so would get me sucked into her negativity. Plus I have helped before only for it to go back to this. Her crying in a corner. I can only try to be my own bearer of happiness and hope that it rubs off on her.

My legs feel amazing. I am really loving my runs. Yesterday, I took Ray (Diane’s DiL dog) out for a walk to Starbucks. Then I got 4 shots of espresso in my latte. I got home from that walk, rested a bit and then went for a run. Oh yeah, so I was settled in my room and I was writing a letter to Source (thanks Teal Swan for that idea) when I look up into my mirror. In the mirror which was reflecting the tree just outside my window. A sparrow flew onto a branch. I looked into its eyes through the mirror and then it flew away. I knew then that I needed to go out running right then. Which of course didn’t quite work out because I had to pee and then I wanted to listen to this one song. I left the house about 10 minutes later. I wonder if there was something I missed had I not waited to listen to that song? Oh well. I have been getting much better at running. I know that this is only a beginning. Meditation and running. Wow. A great combination. When I can slip into that void while running and able to control my breathing- its like a whole new world.

So I will go ahead and do my best to decipher my readings from a few days ago. I should do it immediately but when I am at home I never feel like writing. I do not remember what guidance I asked for. So the first card is a two of mirrors. Pictures are two swans gazing into each others eyes with such adoration and love. They also have mirrors around their necks. That shows me that my beloved is a mirror of me. What I show is what he shows so if I have negative energy he will have it as well. It is important to reflect positive. It is also important to note that swans mate for life. I am sure that when my beloved and I come together in conscious union we will be in union for life for when we love we love so deeply. Nothing else can compare. The second card is herne the hunter. He is blessing me in my endeavors. There is more but I can’t seem to remember the feeling and guidance. The 3rd card is bella rose. In this card you can see she dresses the way she wants. She is free to be herself. This card is important to me because there are many times that I am afraid of what others think. I feel like I am “fake”. Yet, that is not how I feel most of the time but how others who are more intuned have made me feel. It had been making me feel like what I am doing is a farce but i know my truth and i stand by my beliefs.  The next card is 9 of stones. She speaks of leaving her home and setting off to the unknown. There seems to be some detachment. The companion and the green man are both fantastic guides and i will have to discuss more on that later. The next card invites me to nurture my inner child. After that is ace of spirals. This cards speaks of new energy which is ideal for me because I have started a new healthier lifestyle. Not just eating wise but physically taking care of my body. The next card is papa. In him there is a two fold. One must loose the ego and gain inner strength. The last card is the pirate lol. This card speaks of a life filled with adventure and this man is also a mystic. So there will be lots of magic in my future. Well okay i think that is all I am capable of writing for tonight. Sadly only 45 minutes have passed.. Wawaaa..

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