Mountains and other random stuff

I am so very grateful for Diane. She is a godsend. Last Tuesday she let me use her car while she was in outpatient surgery. I just had to pick her up and since she was under heave medication she wouldn’t be able to drive the rest of the day so she let me use it afterwards too. Last Tue was a long and eventful day. I got off work and as I was waiting for the bus I became impatient and decided to walk down to Elk lot; which is about 3 miles.. No biggie. Really. Its all down hill. Its the going up that is a bitch. Anyways. I saw lots of interesting guys on my way down. I have a feeling that seeing my blonde angelic looking hair was appealing to many of the worker men going up. I have to admit a few of them were pretty cute. haha. Work was uneventful so I had plenty of energy to spare. After I was done with that I had even more energy.

Diane comes to pick me up on the way to the hospital. I get in the car and I am listening to her(kinda) when all of the sudden I hear a song that jolts me from reality. I wasn’t really listening to the radio but i knew it was counting crows. Next thing I know I hear the lyrics yellow haired girl and I know I am supposed to listen. I couldn’t listen well. Diane loves to talk. Bless her.. Anyways. We arrive at the hospital and I start driving to Costco. I started listening to the radio because the song was something about a yellow haired girl and messages via radio was all I could make out. So I listen. Then I felt it. I felt so much love coming from my beloved. It was kinda hilarious at times because I would think of something and get kinda upset by it and then the next some that came up addressed what I was feeling. It was bizarre. I was questioning if it was really from him. Then I stopped at the bank to withdraw funds from my account since I lost my debit card and was waiting for a new one in the mail. Well guess what my account balance was after my withdraw? $11.11. That was a definite ah hah moment. Then I get back in the car and more lovey songs come on. It was cute and I loved every second of it. Even the times when I started crying because he isn’t here with me. Then I really started crying when my songs came on.Which funny thing is is my songs were the songs I was listening to when I saw him as I was channeling. He tried talking to me but I just walked away while mumbling something. When all I really wanted to do was go up to him and touch his heart. Cheesy I know. He thinks my touch is poison.

I tried finding my way to Costco but I got lost so after I gave up I decided to just go ahead and drive to Cindy’s house to pick up Frisco. Which was okayed by both Cindy and Diane. As I am driving to glenwood and i was either singing or listening but I get to the canyon part and a face in the mountain revealed themselves to me. It was an ancient face of a king with his crown. I would have observed more had I not been driving. I am already nervous enough behind the wheel! I felt very grateful to have seen it. He is a wise one and I hope to see him again the next time I go through the canyons. I wonder where his queen is?

One thing about not having a typical android phone anymore is that not knowing exactly where i am going sucks. Trying to find my way by remembering got me all twisted around but I did find my way to her apartment. Frisco was so happy to see me. I miss him so much. He was a part of my life for 6 1/2 years. He still is. Cindy and I have adopted a co-mommy style. There is this connection between frisco and myself that is undeniable. Its like I don’t have to speak in order for him to hear me. After I pick him up I have to drive back to Edwards to pick  up Diane. Poor Diane though frisco was having a panic attack in the back seat. I warned her that he has always done that but it still doesn’t make it any easier to listen to. Its only when driving on the streets. He’s great on the highway. I get home and take a nap with frisco. He is a great cuddlier. Too bad he woke me up too soon. I take off again after waking. We drove back to glenwood but at each rest area we stop. Frisco is a really lazy dog. He’ll go on long hikes after some training but usually 30 minutes into any hike he’s finding the closest shaded area to rest. Lazy I tell you. haha. So we stop at rest areas. Find a nice place to relax and I would read my tarot or just stare at the river. One of the stops was pretty interesting. There was this big tree that I tried to climb and failed. lol. Well.. I only had flip flops on! Then below that tree there was a bench to sit. So I go sit on the bench and a dust devil greets me as I sit down. Now see here is the thing about dust devils. From one of my ascension teachers things like that no matter how small means that there is a portal. I wish I could have remembered what I should have done with the portal but alas I couldn’t. I did my card reading which brought up some underlining emotional issues i was feeling after getting a “message” from my beloved. One card i was about to dismiss and be like oh I am not feeling that got blown away by the wind. I went running after it. The I reread the message on the card and the message from the others and realized what the message was. Which I can’t for the life of my remember right now I would have to look at the picture I took but haven’t uploaded it to my computer and then onto my private fb picture so I can access here. Though, I have been guided to wean off the tarot. I can do a daily message and more if guided to but I have not been focused on my other studies and instead playing around too much.

The rest of the night was wonderful. Diane called me and told me I could spend the night with Cindy and Frisco! I only needed to be back before 6:45 am. Cindy and I went out to eat to Lost Cajun. The italian place I wanted to go to was closed. Which was the 4th time that happened to me that day! Stupid Gypsum. Well we ended up the the Lost Cajun and it was Awesome! Not only did I meet the owner who just so happens to own the other joints in Frisco and Breck but the Lost Cajun used to go to Lowes for contractor day. I am so happy that his business is doing well. One thing they do is they bring you samples of all their meals. Oh my gawd. Heaven! Their lobster bisque was to die for. Cindy and I ate soo much. haha. Yet we still had left overs. Hush Puppies. 🙂 Then we walked back to the car and got a couple of pictures together. It was a lovely evening. When we got back to her place we watch Practical Majic. Which brought me to tears. Oh my gawd I was bawling throughout some of that movie. It was crazy watching that movie. I hadn’t seen a movie since I was last a Cindy’s place and between that time I have been working hard on astral and lucid dream. Guided meditations have been a huge blessing. So anyways all of the sudden I am IN that movie. lol. My movie ends and she puts on what she wants to watch and I am falling in and out of sleep. Well I wake up to a part of the movie only to have a Hawk staring at me on the screen! lol. I was like hmm.. I should watch this. So I did and it was old school cool. Great sky diving stunts. That main chick is Crazy. Well all of them are eccentric. I start to drift off into sleep with frisco on top of me when all of the sudden I am in his dreams. In. His. Dreams. He looks up at me with such adoration. I tried keeping the connection going but i think he sensed an intrusion and would squirm around. The next time I visit I am going to have to explore that more if he lets me. Gawd I miss that brat.

Anyways. I think that is it for now. Cheers!




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