14 Days

14 Days until I leave Edwards. 7 Days before I leave the Hyatt. I will be spending 4 days in phoenix. I’ll be there visiting family and friends. I can’t wait until I can hold my nieces. Kaylie, Brianna, Ellie, and Ollie. The first three are my sister’s girls and the last is the oldest and my younger brother’s daughter. I was thinking about taking Olli to the zoo or maybe even having her meet my other grandma. Has she even met grandma G? Geez.

Doing all my packing has been making more conscious that I am leaving in 14 days. I’ve been more aware of how much I love this place. That I can step outside my door and be surrounded by nature. I glance outside during the sunrise and sunset and I am in Awe each time. I walk around the beaver creek river path and I feel so calm. I find that I enjoy sitting and meditating there. I am going to miss running along the eagle county bike path. I loved running until I found a good place to sit and meditate. Then I would gaze out for a few minutes until I was ready to get back up and run back home. A few minutes. Its better than nothing. Right? Still its a few minutes multiplied by many times throughout the day and night and they all add up. Before work I will do a guided meditation. Which I did today but I fell asleep and yet I woke up as it was ending and the guide was talking about coming back to reality. So even though I fell “asleep” I was still listening to the guide and I know I was accomplishing what I set out to do for the guided meditation even if I did fall asleep. Sometimes I will listen to my teachers before bed and I will wake up at the times when there is a message that I must listen to. One of my teachers, when I listen to her videos its like all of the sudden she is there with me or maybe I am there with her. Its defiantly a oh shit did that really happen moment. haha.

I can’t believe its only 3:30am and I still have 3 1/2 hours left until my shift ends. At least tonight it has been better between me and my coworker. Not liking her was never the issue. I like her plenty and we both agree that we are too much alike. Its kinda eerie. Anyways. I am going to go read one of the books I brought with me. I brought Longchenpa’s Meditation  which is book two in the kindly bent to ease us series. These nights have been great for studying.



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