I think I want to try to abstain while in the new place. I know a guy that is going to be there in later may and it was great while it lasted in BC but sex without the spiritual connection leaves me feeling empty.

Sometimes I get aroused without knowing why but knowing that it isn’t me being aroused. Then it makes me sad because I am not sure if he’s sleeping with someone or not and it wouldn’t matter if he was because there is nothing between us.

I want to forego the typical relationships from here on out. I no longer wish to ask about those matters and instead I am going to be fully immersed in becoming the best version of me. Along with going deeper into mysticism and my own ascension.

I requested a name change for this new place. I will be going by Vi on my name tag. Its a family name and Violets are my obsession. I cut off a stem and I am watching it grow.

I’m getting new jewelry for my piercings.. hehe

I have really boring confessions.





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