Daily Reading

I love running. I went for a run today and watched the sunset while at the pond. There is something about seeing the sky reflected in the water that is peaceful. While I was watching the sun go down there was a bird making a funny sound. I took my shoes off and dipped my feet in the water. I haven’t been doing as much grounding as I should. At times I feel like I have too much energy inside me. It felt good to release it back into the ground.

Here are my cards for today. I have been getting the same cards from this deck repeatedly. I suppose its time to pay attention.

The first one is patience. This is a though one for me because I am always wanting things now. I want love now without the backbone of a friendship. I want to be skinny now without the work to loose it. It feels like this card is telling me that everything I am currently doing now is the right track and all I need to do is keep doing that and I will have a good outcome. This is a very loving card. She cares so much for the baby within and she is waiting for the baby to be born. It feels like the number of moons behind her is also represents to me the amount of months I will be gone. I leave my job in the Teton mid Oct and then I will be going to vapassana straight away then home. I haven’t decided if I will be coming back to beaver creek or not. Maybe park city, Sedona, rock port, or wherever.. 🙂

“In silence and waiting something inside you goes on growing–your authentic being.”

We are the world….



Okay I don’t feel like writing the meanings down tonight. I just can’t seem to type. Plus everything I am typing in regards to the cards feels wrong.. If that makes sense. Also, there is something I don’t want to mention. Something I would rather my mind be empty of.




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