to my grandma…

today, marks the 40th day since you’ve passed away, you meant the world to me to me, and your death has been the hardest thing i’ve had to deal with. the life lessons you passed on have helped me become the person i am today, i jus wish you were here to see. it kills me that i didn’t even get the chance to see you and spend time wit you. you were a women of extreme strength, courage and love, you were beautiful, soft and now peaceful and as free as a dove. you were and still are someone who my admiration is built around, i will always respect all you went through in your hardships and distinguished ways. i will always remember your ability and pride in your days.

my darling grandma as you enter your new home, may you rest in peace for which you truly deserve, for you will be truly missed. i love you always and forever.

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