Daily Reading

I was not really happy with my cards today. I know its because the card in the middle. I told myself yesterday that I was no longer going to research twin souls or any kind of relationship stuff. I have been slacking on my studies and instead day dreaming about some great love or dreaming about things when my time could be better spent to the constant practice of betterment.

The first card is Luna and the Volcano. This one is for my emotional body. This is very true. I am in the mists of many changes. Not only is my body changing but I am packing to move. I want to talk about the spiritual body first. I believe this was very much about running. I had been staring out the window most of the day; hoping, that the storm would go away so I could run. Running has become a new form of meditation. Also, work. Work as in when I am breathing I am also moving the energy from my root chakra up to my crown then back down to the heart and from the heart chakra it opens up to form a crystal around me. I know becoming a ‘lighter” person will present me with many challenges.

My next card is for the physical body. This card is Sri Yantra.  This talks about meditation. Finding inner peace. There is more but I will have to reopen this thread to discuss it later.

3rd card is for my spiritual body. This is the divine doorway. The guardian speaks of opening a doorway inside me in order to escape my 3rd dimensional being. She also speaks of watching for signs no matter how out there it might be. Which is accurate. There are many signs in this reading. Every card has circles in it. My second card is number 11 which 1111 is the sign of twins. It would be very dense of me not to mention that his spirit guide represented in the middle card along with mine.

Circle. Wholeness. Unity. This card speaks of me becoming a whole being of my own. Plus more which I will update.

Last Card is Owl/Raven. Ying/Yang. Seeing this card hit me hard. I spent the better part of yesterday pinning over him and yet telling myself to forget about it because he said it himself that he never wants to see me again. Well. Not exactly in those words but close. This card really spoke to me in many personal ways. I ended up crying after my own reading because it was too much. It is one thing to have this knowing but another to know and know that it may never come to pass. Being without physically and only having the knowing in spirit leaves me with much sadness. Even in the times I feel the embrace of love. I will go ahead and copy the creators meaning because I am too jumbled and emotional about this one to see clearly.

“Darkness and light… Yin and Yang are opposites in union. Together they represent a balanced whole, each containing a piece of the other. Owl and Raven – Wisdom and Magic. This card suggests that a process of balancing is at work in your life. You are learning that living in opposition brings a sense of tension and dissatisfaction, and that it constructs boundaries between you and the people and circumstances in your life. This effect of separation likely has little or nothing to do with how you wish to view your life or your purpose in it.
You are asked to look at the way you’re living and begin designing ways to bring yourself into balance with your true nature. How will it look when the dissatisfaction is mitigated? Will you be the same person? Movement toward balancing all areas of your life will activate rejuvenation and greater joy and freedom. Acknowledge the dark aspects within the light, but truly see your light shining in the darkness.”


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