I do love you!!!

Have you ever held in hurt and pain to the point you looked like you didn’t care about anything? And you’ve could of sworn your crying but when you went to wipe the tears away there was not the slightest wetness? Going through life feeling so empty and lost losing out on making presious memories, and growing old with the one you love because you couldn’t feel anything so numb to the pain, Just wishing you could die See I feel like this day in and day out So empty and lost feeling I don’t know what to feel. and the thought of you finding someone else I can’t believe it that i’m having actual feeling for once and it hurts so bad I can’t believe that it’s real. So when I lay my head down at night I will close my eyes and pray that god will give me strangth and courage to be able to move through life with happiness and guidence and hope we can get through this together and you understand how much you mean to me.


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