no you don’t!

my readings have been interrupted and distracted by a yapping dog. it’s gotten progressively louder over the past hour or so as a storm has been brewing. annoyed, i followed the sound into my aart room and whipped open the window to discover some jerkwad had left a little brown mop of a puppy tied out on a balcony!!!!! no food. no water and the poor dumb thing has been out there since this morning!  i went and looked up the number for the apartment complex down the hill from us and called and reported it. ‘last time i checked, owning a dog is a responsibility on the level of having a child. they’re dependent on you. if you have a dog in an apartment, you’re supposed to walk the thing, not leave it tied out on a balcony with no food or water for the day and expect it to use the toilet ON the balcony. if nothing else, that’s a health hazard.’ she promised to get someone on it right away, but almost 15 minutes later? i still hear the yapping. if nothing has been done by 445pm (about an hour) i’m calling them again and getting angry about it and i’ll consider calling the police or animal control and get the bastards nailed for animal cruelty. not on MY watch. the punchline? i don’t even LIKE dogs, bt that poor stupid puppy didn’t do anything to anyone that would warrant THAT sort of reaction.

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