random scifi muttering a flicker of hope and a special hello

watching red dwarf series 6 gunmen of the apocalypse with the fan commentary track because i’m a geek like that. it’s good for background noise (and a few laughs. if 1 of the 4 folks who won that spot ever reads this, you folks were very entertaining and the young woman who was the loudest and most chatty in the track? you and i MUST meet someday and go dominate a conversation with a bunch of dull sticks and annoy the hell out of them. it’ll be a riot. i don’t think she could out talk ME, but she could probably keep up and that in itself is impressive considering that i can do a fair impression of Blur from the animated-and only decent- Transformers film. Micromachine man, eat your heart out and just be glad that 1-i don’t give a flying rat’s asshole about logging in world records and 2-if i did, because i am female even if i act like a guy, it’d be a 2nd record since they usually do a male and female category LOL) while i’m setting up my desk/schedule for the day to try to beat every version of solitaire i know before i get my tarot cards out. (oh and yes, Danny John-Jules’ accent in Gunmen as the Riviera kid is accurate… but not as mexican. LOL that’s more cuban to answer the accuracy question the fans commentator’s just asked)

also it’s 4/20 and i hear were getting closer to legalization! (applauds wildly) now i’m not just exited about this as an artist who isn’t anything resembling a stranger to the concept of altered states (hey now! Absinth makes the heart grow fonder!) but about 60 percent of the trouble i have dealing with my condition is all the side-effects of being on the damn painkillers. the awful constipation (i’m slightly lactose intolerant so i can do coffee with milk and cheese on my breakfast with a glass of milk and that will usually have me in the bathroom by noon but it’s awful. it’s horrific painful and i’ve gotten to the point that i’m scared of the toilet!) the nausea (stupid fucking opiate based painkillers)  the cramps, the grogginess and lassitude. it’s just awful. not taking them isn’t an option. but even with all that going on, the truly scary part is the threat. what? hello?! Liver damage?! if i had a safe NON ADDICTIVE painkiller (especially 1 that would be covered by my disability insurance)  that has the bonus side effect of giving people an appetite?! i might be able to hang on until they come up with a stop gap that might let me hang on till someone finds a cure for this shit.

oh and the hello? MamaIdaho, hey, chica! (someone i’ve been talking to on youtube)


okay. i really need to go get started on the patience to aim toward tarot this afternoon.



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