You don’t even want to know

Ok, so I made an earlier entry about going to a wedding…now I understand why I doesn’t want to associate with anyone. My god it was awful!! First of all, going to a church and listening to some guy ramble on about religion and god made all of us want to blow our brains out. Second, it was hotter than Lucas (Shadow Falls reference!) in the blasted place. Oh, but the best part? The plastic chairs that only we had the pleasure of sitting in.

The food was bad, the music was worse, but at least they had an open bar. I swear I had around 4 drinks and he ended up out on the dance floor embarrassing himself. VII had to drive all of us home because of that little incident and then I blames us for his hangover?! Ugh we are never going to a wedding or anything ever again!!

Signing off


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