F*ck her.

The fact that he still holds onto her kills me. You can’t hold onto memories and nice thoughts about the old person your ex was and also have a relationship where both parties are happy. It just doesn’t work.

The fact that he even tries to pass off the old her as nothing is fucking stupid and awful. I found all the old pictures on his phone of her, him, and them. “Them”. Ugh. There is no them and there will never be another “THEM” again. It was disgusting and she should fucking burn in flames. I hate her. I hate her so fucking much that it hurts sometimes. I still want to beat the shit out of her. Supposedly, that’s not the right way to react to the whore that used to date your boyfriend and then made him cheat on you. With her. The ex. What the fuck.

It’s been months since it happened and I’m still pissed over it. I guess I hold onto things a little too much. If I could let go of even a small amount of resentment, life would be easier. Better. Oh well, though. Getting your heart ripped out and shat on isn’t something that most people would be willing to overlook anyways. Right?

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