It’s been a long time

To write a journal here. I have been busy lately. Since the weather got nice, I use most of my free time skating around city that I couldn’t do over the winter time. I skated too much my feet and legs are sore for about two weeks lol. It was raining all day today in Chicago and I finally got some time to sit down going through my stuffs on my computer.

Things look pretty good. Just one thing that I always want to get is still in progress 🙂 I realize more lately that I have to be more smarter on this. Things that I have been doing are obviously don’t work out pretty good. I need to figure out the smarter way to do things. Well we will see how it goes 🙂

11:17 PM on my bed. listening music and writing a journal for today. I live everyday trying and dreaming to get things I want in my life and I will never give up till I get that. It’s just my life at least for now.

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