It’s funny how it fades over time. I was so angry just a month ago. Now, I ask about him less, I think about him less, and I’m not as angry.

I still have dreams about him. At the worst possible times also… Take a romantic trip with the new beau, dream of the old beau… Awkward.

I automatically thought, what if I said his name in my sleep, I wonder if new beau knew I was dreaming of old beau… Awkward.

I don’t know if it’s just part of getting over it, or just not giving a fuck anymore. The longer I go without a word from him the better healed the wound is. It’s closing. A huge gaping hole I thought would be open and bleeding forever. It’s not bleeding anymore. And it’s starting to scab over and itch.

Do I still think he is a piece of shit? Absolutely. Do I hope he has a miserable fucking life and thinks about me constantly? You bet your balls I do.

But my energy level for all that bullshit has faded. It and him aren’t in the forefront of my mind anymore. Why I don’t know, maybe I’m starting to care less. Or maybe it’s just the new guy. Is it possible I am starting to forget?

Perhaps it’s just time to move on.

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