Dear Jerk

It’s funny how you just have to test the waters enough to see if I’ll cave in and then once you see I’m not going to you move on to the next one.

Yes, it makes me angry, yes, I get jealous, hell, I admit it. It doesn’t mean  I’m letting you back in my life. Not now, not in 5 years, or ten. Not in 15 or 20. You will never be any different. You never were worth my time, I just hadn’t spent enough time with you to figure that out. You are selfish and a horrible person. I haven’t seen you interact much with your kids but I would assume based on the kind of man you are that your a piss poor father too.

I am glad that you stopped contacting my cousin. Her daughter didn’t even blink when you didn’t come back this time.

I’ve had to unfollow every single one of our mutual friends on facebook to avoid pictures of you showing up there.

Its funny to me that you’re hanging out with Rachel. You must have a thing for fat chicks. Lmao.

im still paranoid you’ll try to run me off he road again. Fucking psycho.


Sometimes emotions are useless

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