spent the entire day from right after breakfast till about 20 minutes ago playing a game (the enchanted kingdom elisa’s adventure.) turned out to be a building game as well as both hidden object and match 3 and was incredibly involved hence taking all that time to complete and beat it.

the only other thing going on is that somehow in among the sitting at the desk drinking coffee and chain smoking while i played the game, i managed to cut my left middle finger length-ways from finger tip to 1st knuckle and it was bleeding fairly badly. i discovered it when Jus came home. i went out to warn him about the nastiness that moved into the building next door (yes, i stand by that. you didn’t see that revolting stained mattress.) i saw red on my finger and went ‘when the hell did i do that?’ he looked at it and shrugged, offering me a bandage and i said i hate the things and it’d probably come off inside 2 minutes seeing where it was. and then it started oozing (looked like it was on it’s way to dripping on the floor, before i stuck it in my mouth) and he gave me a LOOK and i said ‘okay. i’ll take you up on that.

that’s 1 of the biggest troubles of dealing with this. since the RSD rewired my entire central nervous system to missread everything as pain signals, if i get injured, i often DON’T KNOW until someone else makes a comment (‘why are you leaving red footprints on the floor on 1 side?’ being a personal fave)

situation normal all fucked up.

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