April 23, 2015 – Socialization?

Some time during November, after missing a shit load of school days, something clicked in me. I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I wanted to stay at home and do my school work at home; all the time. I didn’t like the idea of school or homework. 

I’ve always asked my parents for over 2 years if I could try out online schooling since I didn’t fit in school, traditional school isn’t for everyone. After about a week of putting together results and information about homeschooling vs. traditional schooling, I finally convinced my parents to allow me to finish the semester online. 

Now since I’ve never done homeschooling and I’ve been to traditional school all my life, I didn’t know what to expect. Some subjects may be harder than normal schooling. In which case, it was. I had to push myself to turn in the assignments and wake up at normal times to turn in my class work for that day. 

But to get where I am today, I had to do a bunch of convincing and promising that I’d focus on my school. 

The main reason my mom didn’t want me to do homeschooling is the lack of a social life. Which, isn’t true. 

Many people who are home schooled still can have a social life. Just a wider range of people. The definition of Socialization isn’t defining school, school is a place to learn, and on the side you get to talk to people in your grade and age group. But if you’re not in a class every day, you don’t get that. You’ll have more time on your hands, since if you’re focused, you can normally finish a school day in 4 hours while people in traditional school have to sit in a class for about 45 minutes and waste time when they’re done. And when they get home, they have to do more school work and then they’re tired so they go to sleep. 


When you’re homeschooled, you’re relying on yourself to motivate yourself to do your school. You also get to spend more time with your family so you become closer to them. 

I don’t know if it’s just me but when I was in traditional school, I was always stressed out so I always didn’t pay attention to them and when I did, it was always negativity. I didn’t like to talk to them because I knew I would get angry at them easily so I always hibernated into my room with my books. 

Now that I’m online and that I have more time on my hands, I’m able to talk with my family and chill with them without feeling stressed out over due dates for projects that I haven’t started.

With online schooling, you have a little bit more flexibility. People with busy schedule, like if you have a horse and you’re going straight to the barn right after school at 3;30pm, you’re not going to have much time to do your school work, so you cram it all and then you’re going to sleep at 2am and then you’re only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, which isn’t good. 

The main reason I started doing homeschooling was because school was stressing me out to the max and I was 10x more depressed when I made bad grades on something that I tried my best on. 

One time during lunch, which was from 12-1, I stood in a dark hallway by the counselor’s office on the phone with my mom, panicking because I had to do a presentation in my History class, and I have major social anxiety so I skipped school for the next three days. 

When I decided to do online schooling, I still had to do my mid-terms which, I had panicked about because I didn’t study at all because I thought I could just drop out but I had to do my tests, and to be honest, I didn’t do all that bad. I think the only one I did kind of bad on was my Biology one, but I also had to cheat off my friends paper, in which she let me because she knew I hadn’t been at school for the past 3 weeks. 

I don’t know what the point of this journal was, but I wanted to talk about that socialization isn’t just about school. If you have a job, that’s social. If you’re volunteering somewhere, that’s social. If you’re at the library, that’s social. If you’re in a live lesson (which is for homeschooling), that’s social. You’re interacting with other people, even if it is over the internet sometimes. 


Heather Marie. 

04/23/15 ; 3:52 am


Down below is some pictures of when I volunteered haunted house that I was doing during October. 

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