telemarker shutdown

my phone rang just now. the house phone. unknown name. no location. just a long distance number. i didn’t recognize the area code. but admittedly, i merely noted it was a long distance number. i paused the documentary for the making of Red Dwarf series 8, turned the power off on the speakers (or they buzz because the phone and my wireless are on the same frequency.) and picked up the call. ‘this phone number is unlisted, and it’s on the national do not call list, so you are NOT supposed to have it since I do not recognize this long distance number. the only way you will be allowed to continue this conversation is if you can say my name.’ there was a pause and i could hear background officey noises “well? what’s my name?” i prompted. click. “yeah, i thought so.” Smirking, I turned off the handset, replaced it and turned the speakers back on, restarting the dvd, looking smug.

Dericke had his own way. “No, you cannot speak to Mr. or Mrs. Smythe. We’re dead! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!” we didn’t often get return callers. LOL



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