Too cold…

It’s been too cold/raining this week. I couldn’t go out skating at all from Sunday. It was good at the beginning cause I needed time to recover my sore muscles but now it just sucks that I can’t go out. Just hoping this Saturday will be dry and warm which is not on weather forecast lol.

Not much going on lately. Just work, gym and home as usual. I have been trying to study more on Front-end development mostly on MVC frameworks. The more articles or tutorials I see, the more I get confused. I really need to understand basics first. I think I’m going to dedicate some of my free time to go through the tutorials from basics so I understand how things work and how to make it work. It will be fun! I’m thinking starting from Angular then move on to Javascript since I know some Javascript already.

It’s 9:16PM on my bed. I’m really sure what to do rest of the night but I know I will just stay home and being relaxed. Goodnight!

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