A Letter for her

Dear Mama,
I still cry looking at your picture. I guess 3 years is not enough to forget your tragic death. I still cannot convince myself that your not coming back, that the empty chair will never be seated again. I still pretend that your in the other side of
the world taking your time, enjoying the view of the place
you visit. One day you will
surprise us, return to us with a
dazzling smile. I even searched your face in the crowd hoping I could catch a glimpse of you. The more I pretend the more my heart is breaking. Life was easy when your around, I was invincible when ur still here. I miss you so much Mama, everyday I keep on longing to hug you and kiss even just for a second. I could trade all the glitters in the world just to kiss and hug you and says goodbye for one last time. I am sorry if I fail you, I’m sorry if I was not there to hold your hand while your fighting for your life. I am sorry i was not there to say how much i love you so much. I’m sorry if i was not there to hug you and make you feel alright. My heart is forever broken, only your love can heal it. How can i ever moved on Mama, when all i want is to dream you everynight. Oh my sweet sweet Mama i love you forever.

Forever Love,
Rosebe Queen

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