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The  Simon G  line presented by Moyer Fine Jewelers is easily one of the most recognizable lines of engagements rings out there. They have a very creative style that is difficult to miss. There are many creative designs and fine engravings sure to bring attention to your commitment in style. There are a large number of styles to choose from, whether it’s the signature Simon collection selection, mosaic patterns, the fabled or the duchess. There are so many choices as far as stone settings go, whether it’s encrusted in gems or just a stand-alone solitaire on a remarkably engraved setting. Any selection made is sure to stand apart from many standard choices available on the market today.

There are so many ornate offerings in the Simon G collection, whether you’re seeking something more classic or with a literal twist, it can be found. The metal choices and combinations are seemingly endless from classic gold, white gold, or rose gold and even platinum, which remains a classy alternative to those who have higher tastes. They carry a wide selection of quality gemstones to choose from. Many carat and ranges of diamond stones to select from with round and princess cut being the key choices but you can always select other choices that will fit nicely into the settings. Other choices are Square, Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, and Radiant, for a small example to capture your imagination.There are even alternative stone choices, such as sapphire which add a lovely three-stone look to a ring of your choosing. The options are seemingly endless.


The main aesthetic appears to be a vintage style you’re hard-pressed to find in many other collections available on the market today. The prices range varies greatly from something more economically reasonable for the savvy couple on a budget to the more extravagant selection for those with more wiggle room in their bank accounts. There are so many lovely choices to consider in the Simon G collection that you needed look anywhere further to find the right ring for you. Find the right stone and match it to the right ring to make your commitment rise above any other choices in the market today. At any rate, this should be a remarkable choice for any couple and a piece you can count on to reflect on your love that will endure for years to come in unwavering style and flair.


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