How I Met Your Father – My first tripsome.

So kids, remember the guy I had that awful date with?… the one I ended up dating for the following 6 months?… Well, even though he was an asshole and I knew it, I began to have feelings for him. At that point of my life, I was so tired of guys and their attitudes, that I decided to be the grown up, and not act like a psycho every time anything I did not agree with happened, and so I did. The first 3 weeks were nice, he was caring, we went out a lot.. to the movies, social events, etc., so it felt right I guess, until one night he stood me up. I was at your grandpa’s, waiting for him to pick me up, and not only he never showed, but also, he did not reply to my messages. Some other time, I would’ve freaked out, gotten all mad and sad and stayed at home alone, but that night… I called up some girl friends, and I went clubbing. I was a bit mad at him cause of the stood up, but then I stopped for 10 seconds and thought: Why would I make such a big deal out of this?… I still want to be with this guy right?, so there’s no point in getting mad and yelling at him… besides, I was having a good time at the club. So the next day, I talked to him, and just mentioned I was not happy about what he did, but I wouldn’t begin an argument about it. It really surprised me I behaved in such a mature way… He, on his side, did not even say he was sorry for what he did.
This kindda things happened more than once in the 6 months of relationship, and I kept on behaving in the most passive mature way. Until one day, I got a bit tired, and I told him I did not want to be in a relationship in which I saw my boyfriend once every two weeks… which is common sense right?… How is it possible to build something when you see someone twice a month, right?… And his answer was that what he was giving, was all he had to give… and that’s when the break up”s” started.
First 2 times, he promised he’d change and do things differently. He planned a trip together to Buenos Aires. I really did not feel like going, cause I was not comfortable with the relationship, but I tried to stay positive and thought that could actually help us. Half an hour before he picked me up to go on the road, he calls me to let me know a girl friend of him -who he used to mention ALL the time, who I have never met- would go on the trip with us since she also needed to go to Bs. As., and he; oh-so-gentleman, offered her a ride. So, summing up, the relationship was sinking, I was pissed off and didn’t even wanna go on that trip, he.. and lets be honest, didn’t even wanna be in the relationship… and I had to tolerate this girl I did not know for a 3.30hs trip. Again, stupid me, I did not make a big deal and just told him that his attitude had bothered me once we got to Bs.As. and she got off the car. Once again, he did not think he’d done anything wrong and never apologized.
Sometimes I ask myself how I can be SO damn stupid when I’m into guys. Some behaviors, I don’t really get them. I’m actually asking that to myself right now, because of the story I find myself involved in at the moment… but you’ll get to know that story later. Two weeks after the trip, we ended the relationship… and he was as cold as ice when we did.
So, what does this story teach us?…. Assholes never change, selfish people will never be empathetic and they will always be out of place without even noticing.

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