i beg to disagree

watching the special features for Howl’s moving castle. now, i do adore pretty much anything that comes out of Ghibli studios, but as delightful as the story is, i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again…… if you are going to adapt a pre-existing story (Diana Wynn Jones. all her books are wonderful. find them. read them. share them.) FOLLOW THE FUCKING STORY!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrr.

but the director of the Pixar translation the medically named Pete Doctor, says  (among the stammers so i’m paraphrasing… get it? 😉 ) ‘there’s no corresponding character in American culture to this archtypical Japanese man.’ (slow burn of a look) the word FOP springs to mind, but if you really want to urbanize it? Metro-sexual. tsk tsk

well, i need to make breakfast and i have some chores that need getting done. i’d like to start posting the 1st notebook of my ongoing symptom journal. so maybe 1 of those  a day and 1 that’s a picture and the story behind it. expect to see some of my art soon. i have some scanned, but i just found a small stack of photos in a box i should go through and scan. so.



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