pain symptom journal 4th october 1127pm thursday


got the month’s shopping done and it now feels like 2 midgets are beating on my knees with with mallets. why midgets? height, i suppose, but that’s not the point. knees are killing me, not just my knees. whole lower legs. my nerves across the front of my shins feel like red hot wires and my feet are tingling.

you’d think i’d be better, right? i used 1 of those motorized wheelchair carts and only had to get up 2ce because i couldn’t get at something and i hated to ask anyone since i was in everyone’s way half the time anyway.

i only banged into anything 2ce; a shelf (but i didn’t knock anything over) and the check-out desk next to us when i ¬†backed in to use my foodstamp card. not bad. i’m getting extremely good at using those motorized cats. mom calls it robo-shopping.

Gods, i’m exhausted.



-the photo is of my legs blown up like balloons taken in late december of that year-P

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