i’ve mentioned i draw

and here’s at least some proof of that. it was actually 1 of a pair. there was a before drawing of the sane Elphe warrior chick bold as brass, sword drawn, bring it on look on her face, but i like the after drawing better. she got her ass kicked but she’s not beat. she’s learned something and she’s and and now she has something to fight for. i don’t HAVE the other 1 to show you. see right around the time i did them, i was reading tarot at a friends club on thursday night for jazz night (did it for almost 2 years) and would do the back alley run home (which was only a few blocks away) but i made a game of it. no balconies, trees were okay anything city owned was fair game. self imposed goal? touch the ground as little as possible for 6 blocks. my record to date was only 18 steps spaced out like the fence 3 steps too far for a comfortable leap so drop down and take 3 running strides, then 1/2 a block later, recent tree trimming means skipping the stone wall, swing across the shed on the other side of the driveway combo wasn’t happening for another 2 years till the limb grew back…that sort of thing. yes, i need a hobby. 😉  mind you this was about 13 years ago pre RSD)

so i make it all the way back and have to take the last 5 ground strides to my corner and climbed up on the big brick and stone pillar, balancing on the fence to the next 1 then springing across to the 3rd and perched there crouched to light a clove and catch my breath before i went in, when this guy in a beat up panel van pulls up, not seeing me (i’m in all black, beatnik gear from jazz night remember? i even had a beret and i’m sitting cross legged on a 6 foot tall plinth next to a drop off of about 3 feet since the yard is cut into the side of a hill that was about 8 feet from the street too, so i wasn’t really visible. i might have been a statue, but they don’t generally smoke clove cigarettes. he’s got both windows open so i could hear him verbatim and he’s bitching and moaning because his fishing buddy isn’t going to be making the weekend with him and the others and he was supposed to bring the papers after he went to all the trouble to get the weed for everyone all i have is 3 papers and everything’s closed around here at 330 in the morning (which it was, like i said, just got off work at a club.) and i flipped the clove down hard at the sidewalk so it’d spark and get his attention and stood up, flipping down to lend right next to where he was leaned over fishing for something in the glove box. ‘this is a nice quiet residential neighborhood. must you sit there and bellow on your cell phone? it’s enough to wake the dead!’ he jumped about a food and screamed. i ended up selling him 2 packs of papers i’d just bought before i left for work (it being jazz night at a club LOL) and let him come in and charge his phone for 5 minutes. these drawings were sitting on the table next to my desk and he bought the other (the bring it on version of the character from the picture) for a 1/2 oz which made several of my friends very happy later that day and shooed him on his way after mapquesting directions for him to get back to where he’d gotten lost to end up on our little side street at 330am screaming.


(bows) P

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