6th October 6:48pm Saturday


today was rather pleasant. Not, of course, that the day is over before 7pm, but since i’m not exactly trying to write an epic here, just page a day about the damn knees…well…anyway….Mom, Vern and my daughter managed to fit me in after a funeral, but before a wedding (guess that puts me in a nice cubbyhole-eh? sort of ‘let’s get the rest of the unpleasantness over with so we can go enjoy the wedding.’)And they brought me crickets for my gecko and cigarette papers since i was nearly out. I sewed Morwena’s torn dress for her (Guess Mom can’t fit a 2 minute repair into her busy social calender) and Morwena got to play with my new kitten (*note as of 2015 his name was Crash and i had to give him away. when he hit kitty puberty he went crazy and i no longer have the little monster) thankfullu he’s as good around kids as my friends said he was.

My knees are still stiff and sore as hell. i decided to take an evening off from Vicoden and took 800mgs of Ibuprofin instead so I could have a few glasses of wine and read a few of these lovely Mrs. Malory mysteries by Hazel Holt.


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