Thoughts of an “Average” man!

I hate to say it, but the average young man and/or woman is apt to believe that success is not for them.  In their minds it is a gift that has been bestowed upon the few, not to the masses.  Many believe that in order to be successful in the “Christian” life one must dedicate themselves to being a slave to those that sign their pay checks.  They believe that the root of “ALL” evil is money.  Actually money is not the root, but the”love” of money is.

The subject is not a new one.  It is my hope and intent to tear off the veil and look at success through new eyes and understand the purpose that is upon the young and young at heart.

These words are written to young people by a young at heart person whom the noise of battle is not a recollection, but an everyday living reality.  He thinks he knows what a fight for success means to the young people, and he writes. With the smoke of battle around him and from the very thick of the fight!

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