you’ll figure out the photo in a minute

after TWO SMEGGING WEEKS i FINALLY was able to make an extended visit to the loo. i bled and now my guts feel all twisted which means the rest of my day is going to suck until everything settles back where it lives. i wish i had a zipper on my stomach so i could reach in and ease bits back where they belong. okay bowel, stop tangling with the intestine and let go of the stomach, you don’t need that loop there. if you keep strangling that i won’t get hungry in time for my pills.

so yeah. i feel like that little girl standing on a crocodile. maybe she thought it was a log or tame but now that she’s in position, there’s no way she’s getting out of there on her own until that croc’s done with whatever it is that it thinks it’s doing (honestly looks like they’re getting ready to do an odd couple friends song and dance. ‘darling you look simply sweet,a treat that can’t be beat, but now that we meet, i find life incomplete unless we’re together tapping our feet’ snerk. yeah it’s 6am whataya want? they can’t all be gems) but i didn’t know i was going to be able to finally shit but 1ce ON the toilet, i was trapped till it was over. yeah. i know. i got sick too. both ends. it’s almost time for my drug holiday/detox for the month, i can tell.

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