7th October 2007 641pm Sunday

Today has been miserable. since last night really. i woke up in the middle of the night with my allergies gearing up to be annoying, but when i tried to get up, my legs just refused to cooperate, so i went back to sleep. 1st thing this morning, i had a full on sinus attack . asthma attack i suppose you could call it. i just could not get any air and ended up coughing up phlegm and bile and sneezing what felt like 50 times before i finally cleared my airways and was left gasping and panting, wiping tears from my eyes.

those incidents always leave me weak and shaky for the rest of the day and the coughing rattles the hell out of my knees which didn’t help any.

my right knee has become swollen again which rather alarms me. i suppose i’ll have to call Collisimo’s office tomorrow and leave a message (*note: he was my knee surgeon.)


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