Hoping for tomorrow

You came to my life like a wind in the sky, I thought you would just pass by but instead you hang for a while and thought me how to paint the sky. You branded my heart with your name, changing the tone of my sounds. You are like a thief at night, you rob my soul and I could never let you go. Those are the words I could say to you everyday, that is how I feel for you every seconds. I never thought I could adore someone like you, but our time is not our own. We are ocean miles away from each other, I long to hold you in my arms, kiss you until morning comes. My feelings for you is overwhelming, every time I close my eyes its you who I see. Whenever I lay on my bed, I think of your caress until I fall asleep and dream of you. I want my dream to become a reality.

But, lately your different..feels like your starting to fade away from my mind. I look for your but you suddenly went away without a words. I left messages but you never answered. My heart started to get worried, did I do something wrong? Your silent is making me crazy, Your avoiding me my darling.

You are ruining me my darling, I could not eat and smile because I keep on thinking of you. Did I mean something for you? or am I just an entertainment to cure your boredom? Where are you my darling? I need you today, I wanna see you and hear your voice. I’ve been waiting and waiting but you never came, I finally realized now where I stand in your life. Darling, tell me something so I could hold on forever and never let you go.

Thank you darling for you painted my life even for a while, our time is over I need to let go of you and enjoy the life I had now. I know now that that we are not for each other, you have a life of your own and I have a life of my own too.  But, one thing for sure is I’ll never forget the moment you kiss my life and make love to my wilderness. So long and goodbye my darling.

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