Number one

I have a headache. Possibly caused by a toothache. Aspirin helped a little. I’m listening to the television, half listening anyway. I’ve missed having a diary. When open diary closed I lost about 7 years of very personal journaling. I wish I had kept up with it. But I never let bad shit keep me down for too long anyway. I get to start over. I can reinvent myself through new thoughts, new thinking, without the ability to dwell on old memories captured in my old writing. Bad memories have a tendency to stick in my head way better than the good ones.

I like that I have the opportunity to write by using a mobile device. Even better that I can use Swype. I can get my thoughts onto the screen faster. I have the tendency to forget easily the things that come to my mind. I’m not forgetful though, I just have a lot of random thing.s that come to mind and sometimes I have difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time. I have come to the realization that multi tasking is indeed impossible…

My goal here is simple. write, work shit out, rant and rave in a place that although public, it’s anonymous. Nobody knows me, it’s better for all of us this way. I’m not a nice person. I’m not good or special. I’m unfair, self-centered, self-serving. The shit that goes on in my head is sometimes unreal. It’s sometimes true but my truth. I can get my thoughts about exactly what happened totally warped because I’m wrapped up in the ME of what’s going on. If you read what I write be prepared to say bullshit a lot. If nobody reads this but me, better again…

Number one… done

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