sorry about that

i’ll get back to abnormal tomorrow. no. no. i’m fine…for me anyway. 4 painkiller days all week (i do a purge 1ce a month and near total detox from my painmeds and save the ones i’m not taking for tackling the big cleaning chores. it means i end up going through hell every month, but i get 4-10 days out of the month where i can actually scrub floors do laundry vacuum and that sort of thing) and after busting ass yesterday and getting some majour work done (up to and including doing all but the last 2 pages of writing out the full meanings of the tarot cards with my comments and summary and i’ll be doing that this evening while i watch season 10 of MASH) and decided today would be for gaming. i beat Lost lands:4 horseman (VERY good game. very complicated and engaging) which took me about 4 hours and this morning beat all 40 levels of the match 3 Cerulean Skies (very cute. almost too cute. stick with it though. it picks up around level 5 and gets complicated enough that it’s okay. i wouldn’t BUY the fucker or play it again, but it was a pleasant enough way to blow 3 hours this morning. the MUSIC however was what really kept me there. exquisite. sounded Indian. no. if i’d have meant Native american i’d have said that.)

so yeah. i’ll go back to my normal working at the desk schedule tomorrow.

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