Actions speak louder than words..

We have all head the phrase actions speak louder than words right? This statement couldn’t be more true. Many times I have seen relationships end due to the actions of one party or the other.  We as humans allow others actions to relay their desires to us.

If we are tell our partner we are going to do something, yet we do the exact opposite what does that say?  That tells your partner that you do not really  care enough to be honest with them.  Our actions always speak the words we do not.  Over time the submissive that makes promises to her Superior Being without carrying through on these promises will not be trusted.

If we do not talk to our Superior Being about fears, we are expressing to them that we do not care enough to let them in.  Not expressing fear or past experience we not only push our Superior Being away we cheat ourselves not only a new experience but out of sharing our first with our partner.

When a submissive tells the Superior Being she is keeping the schedule provided, keeping up with other tasks he or she provided yet does not show proof of the task or does not follow through with the task as instructed she is rejecting that Superior Being.  She is telling him she does not want to submit to him.  She has told him with her actions she will do as she wishes.  Do we still have the dictionary?  Again submission defined-the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

For those of us in chat rooms or other public forums it is a direct insult to your Superior Being for you to be jumping on every Dominant you see.  It is a direct insult to your Dominant for you to keep other Dominants on the line just in case this does not work out.  Wake up submissive! If you have someone that is willing to give you the world and make you the center of their universe because you give yourself to them in return and you are willing to let this slip away over wanting to hear how cute you look from another Dominant when you have ignored, smarted off and disagreed with the one telling you in person you have a problem! You are not being submissive you are being an attentions seeker.

On the subject of attention seeking…

We have all met the “brat subs” (present company included) Being bratty is fine, being openly defiant claiming to be a brat is not!  I have seen many times a submissive will turn her back to her Superior Being crossing her arms and contorting her face into something she assumes looks like pouting when all she really did is turn her back on her Dominant.  Keep turning that back submissive, one of these days he will not be there when you look back because when he was there you were too busy turning away.

If you are seeking attention it is usually a better idea to quietly sit at his feet when he is not requesting it, use an opportunity to sit at his feet while he is watching his favorite t.v. program.  Prepare his favorite meal for no reason other than to make him smile.  Leave  a hand written note in a jacket pocket for him to find later. Superior Beings eat this type of extra thought and attention up even if they do not admit it you will see it in their actions.  Make a phone call in the middle of the day even if you know it will kick to voice mail, leave a short “I was thinking about you and wanted to hear your voice.” message and you will get the attention you are seeking, you will get a return call and hear the smile in his voice.

Drama queen, we have all met them, they are the ones that carry everything to the extreme.  The Superior Being may tell them to come sit next to him and she will do three back flips to land in the splits at his feet.  This behavior is unbecoming both to the Superior Being and the submissive involved.  The drama queen is always ready for a fuss usually over nothing important but will drag this out for hours or even days, if your Superior Being tells you that the subject matter is closed and you are keeping it going or attempting to find more than one way of expressing your opinion on the matter you were just told to drop chances are you’re blowing it.

In closing…

Remember ladies and gentlemen, we represent both our self and our Superior Being, if we are in a multi- submissive relationship we represent every one our submissive companions.

If I am putting forth the image that I am uneducated, I cannot blame others for not including me in intellectual debate. If i am putting forth the image all I want to do is flirt and play with everyone claiming to be a Dominant, I cannot judge those who call me a whore.  If I do not take time to clean my house or cook my own meals, I cannot blame others when they call me a lazy slob.  If I do not take the time to put effort into my appearance, I cannot blame others if they feel I do not care about myself.  Have you noticed “I” am either the persona “I” want others to see?  My actions will speak louder than my words every time!


Ivory c/0 Sir Fireball

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