good luck Christopher! Love ya!

1/2 of the couple that are my best friends are having foot surgery today. he hasn’t left yet. i all but vaulted out of bed at 6am just so i could wave at he and Branden when they leave. they know not to ask me to come along. i see enough of the insides of hospitals, i don’t need to make them part of my social calender.  they get it. besides, i’m always worried they’ll think i’ve wondered out of an accident ward (the forearm crutches) or something and come fussing after me like some fastidious housewife flustered that someone moved 1 of her tchotchkes or something (that’s yiddish for knick-knacks by the by) like ‘oh deary me. how did THIS get over here!’

aw shit. they did book already. there are 2 blue cars out front usually theirs and the chinese kid (i don’t know his name. i call him and his roomate loud and louder. they’re currently in a quiet phase, but it seems to be on a 2 week cycle. i was still prying my eyelids open and i saw blue car and thought oh good i beat them awake and now i see the silver strip (and the dumb broken peace sign logo. yup. its a merc. and not even a decent one. 250d or better or it’s not a true statement of pretentiousness. just ask my scumbag dad! he traded his old one in ever 3-5 years for the latest model)

when i say pry my eyelids open, i’m dead serious. my sinuses are tore up from the floor up (as the saying goes. not much into slang, but THAT phrase i’ve always liked as it’s so wonderfully descriptive) and my sinuses back up into my tear ducts.  crusty glued shut eyes are pretty much a daily spring thing for me.

(yawn) okay nono! they are still here! but parked across the street! LOLOLOLOL now i see what my problem was (pun intended) when i got up, i loooked for and found their car. then as i started to wake up and picked the crusties out of my eyelashes so i could open my left eye at all the silver glints of the details of the CK’s (Chinese Kid. he’s actually the nicerr of the 2. the other one pretends he doesn’t spoeak english which is bullshit captain exchange student. if you couldn’t, you wouldn’t have been green lit to come here. suck it up and let’s here ya. i won’t make fun of your accent. hell with mine? that’d be rude indeed.)car and got confoozled (not a typo, just me bending the English language to breaking point for effect. say it out loud. it’s a portmanteau of my own. confused/muddled, but i went with o’s so it’d add the effect of woozy since i’m usually sickish when i wake up till the pills kick in. accent emphasis on the OO part. conFOOZled. you’re welcome. just be glad we had the opporsition. hehehe had the opportunity and were in the position 😉 yeah. i need caffeine and i lost track of the parenthesis again LOLOLOL) but now that we hit that sweet spot ‘eyes open, but sun not up over the trees so my day blind ass (most people talk out of their ass, i gotta be different LOLOLOL) could actually still discern details but wasn’t dazzled by direct sunlight.

ah well. this is a right ramble of a post isn’t it? well, i decided this morning that i was going to make today a game day as well because i wouldn’t be able to concentrate on working (which means writing for me and i’m really close to finishing 3 more novels so i don’t want to blow the moods required. 1’s really upbeat and the next is tears and angst and the 3rd is 1 of those no hoper cliff hangery things so that’s a delicate balance and since the stories are all part of the same storyline, i have to be VERY much ion the moment which means i might not be safe to be around after the last 2 for a few hours <snerk>) and a free game demo? well, who the fuck cares if i shut that off. there are hundreds of games i can play and if i liked it next time i get a spare 10 i’ll buy the thing. wildgames keeps a log of the games i’ve played demos for so all i have to do is run down the list and click on the thumbnail to gpo to the descriptor page and i’ll know within a second if it was 1 i wanted (i want to get the new Spandex university :Champions rising for example. the 1st 1 is pretty awesome, but 2 is a hexagonal match 3 with a lot more options and variables and the game is more detailed and complex. nice progression on the theme.) so not doing the pain journal recap today.

okay. the next couple pages in that thing are going to be REALLY hard for me to relive. oct. 8 was when i got the appointment FOR THE NEXT DAY which scared the crap out of me and told me beyond a shadow of a doubt ‘oh fuck me running this is going to be BAD’ because usually it’s ‘yeah, you’re stitches came out too early? pack it with ice and we’ll see if we can fit you in in a few days.’ so for Dave Doyle (1 of his assistants) to go ‘oh. oh wow. uhm, yeah, Le’a, let’s get you over to the reception desk. i’ll transfer you over and then run over there. no Alma. we need to see her tomorrow. her legs shouldn’t be inflating like balloons and you know she’s if anything prone to downplaying symptoms. tomorrow’ greeeeeaaaat.

so. to make up for it, i’ve made the symptom journal part of my work rotation and i’ll start posting several of them a day. i don’t expect to be around long enough to relive 7 years 2ce (1 per day was seeming slow) so i’ve made posting those old journal entries part of my schedule.

i’m off to kick video game ass.



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